Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh Go Get Shredded!

So, this story needs a little background. I have a certain recycling bin for magazines and paper in the multipurpose room. I also have a place for new magazines that I haven't read or that I'm saving which is on the shelf under the end table in the living room. I thought this was obvious and I'm sure I've told the hubby this routine a time or to. (upon deaf ears it seems...)

Tonight I come home after working and the kids have ripped up and cut apart paper everywhere. I asked hubby where they got the magazines from and he points out the table full of unread or saved magazines. I ask him which magazines and he mentions one was a Sunset magazine "from the bottom of the pile." My heart sunk. The only Sunset magazine I had was one that included my brother's artwork as a feature. I found the scrap with his art piece on it amongst the piles. Why out of 10 magazines sitting on top of this one, did he have to give the kids THE ONE that I wanted to keep? Ugh. Beyond frustrated now. I reminded him of the recycling pile and he acted shocked like he had no clue it existed or had existed for the past 2 years. yikes.


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  2. Oh my are you married to my husband or does he have a brother I don't know about?


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